Photo application

In collaboration with the conference on

„Advances in research on the floristics and vegetation of the Carpato-Pannonian region”,

the Hungarian Natural History Museum

invites submissions for a botanical photo application in any of the following subject areas:


1) Invasion

individual photos or series of images of invasive plants and invaded lands

2) A plant’s life

photo series showing the life phases of a single plant

3) Plants in man-made environment

photographs that feature plants in artificial circumstances

4) Unique plant habitats

individual photos or photo series exhibiting specific plant habitats


There is no entry fee. Entries will be accepted after registration via the conference website.

With their registration, the photographers agree that their photos may be exhibited in the Hungarian Natural History Museum, naturally, with their copyright.

No more than 3 photos (series) per subject may be submitted by one applicant.

The best photographs will be displayed during the conference.


Technical parameters:

Only original RGB files of at least 10Mpixel (ca. 2592×1944) saved in JPEG or TIFF format will be accepted.

Resolution: long side min. 2500 px (or in a wide panorama photo, 3500 px).


Information on uploading the photos will shortly appear on the conference website.


Budapest, February 16, 2015

Zoltán Barina